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Baking Classes in Bangalore

Alright, roll up your sleeves and join Deepali for dough-filled baking classes in Bangalore.  Whether you’re a first-time baker or an expert one, there’s something to learn, for everyone here. If you ever wanted to WOW! your loved ones, guests/friends visiting you, with your baking skills, then you’re at the right place.  Deepali’s baking classes in Bangalore have helped thousands of people learn to bake – all the way from basics to advanced. Furthermore, our baking classes are designed to help you learn the art and science of baking through practice.  In the basics of baking class you will learn:

As a part of Eggless Baking Classes, you will learn the following:

More importantly, you will be able to learn each of this one per day.  In our 4-hour workshop, you will be equipped to learn what you’ve always loved – baking! Fondant cake classes and Cake decorating classes in Bangalore are favorites for bakers who want to take their baking skills one notch up.   So, for those seeking professional baking courses in Bangalore, this would be apt.  You’ll become an artist with your cake decoration abilities. Finally, there’s specialty baking in which you’ll learn about the:

Again each of these is a 4-hour workshop so that you’ll learn quickly and be able to do it yourself instantly.

Cooking Classes in Bangalore

Just in case you were wondering if this was only about baking classes and nothing about cooking, you are in for a pleasant surprise.   Deepali offers cooking classes in Bangalore as well – and it includes a wide variety of cooking styles to suit your interests. The cooking classes are categorized into healthy cooking, Indian cookery classes in Bangalore, Oriental cooking, Continental cooking and Barbecue workshops in Bangalore for different specialties.  As you can see there’s a lot to choose from. Let’s start with the Indian cooking.  As a part of Vegetarian cooking classes in Bangalore you will learn the following:

Non-vegetarian food:

With the Oriental cooking, we offer Chinese cooking classes and Thai food. In our Continental cooking classes you will learn about:

In addition, for all those who love barbecue, there are 4-hour workshops both for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian barbecue classes in Bangalore. Finally, for the health-conscious fellow-beings, you will learn zero oil cooking for healthy living as a part of healthy cooking classes.

Chocolate & Dessert Making Classes

Just baking and cooking classes in Bangalore without desserts and chocolates would be incomplete, wouldn’t it? Our 4-hour workshops also include some of the mouth-watering desserts and ice creams.  You will learn about Ice-Cream making, Eggless Desserts as well as Exotic European Desserts. Finally, welcome to the chocolate making classes in Bangalore.  Here you will learn all about chocolates, need we say more? We’ve seen baking classes in Bangalore, cooking classes in Bangalore and desserts, ice-cream and even chocolate making classes in Bangalore.  But what about any other part of India?  How about in the Financial capital of India?

Deepali’s Baking Classes in Mumbai

Deepali does baking workshops in Mumbaithese workshops include all the basic and the advanced baking classes that are listed above.