About Deepali

I attended my first cake baking class in 2009. It was the start of a new journey. Experiments with food, blooper recipes, eureka moments, amazing concoctions, nail-biting finishes, and incredible satisfaction – that’s my story from then to now. But most of all, there’s this amazing learning that comes from a student following of over 500. It leaves me grateful and humble. I've loved cooking since I was a little girl. I admired the creations of my mother and aunts, hoping someday to reach similar heights. Who knew what fate had in store? Through the roads life took me on, I never thought I'd become a Chef and teacher one day. Yet, here I am. And I wouldn’t have managed it without my wonderful family - my supportive and loving husband, darling twin daughters, my mother and extended family. I owe my feat to your encouragement. With your blessings and love, I will soar to greater heights. To good food, health, and happiness!