Baking Workshops in Mumbai

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that happens in Aamchi Mumbai!  Not just your average baking class but a wide array of workshops are conducted in our baking workshops in Mumbai.

We focus on 9 distinctly different workshops in Mumbai once a year.

As a part of our basic cake baking classes in Mumbai, you will learn to bake mouth-watering tea cakes.

Like with many things in life, the better you get at doing the basics right, you will be able to do a lot more over time.  Provided, you keep at it.  And that’s what this class is about – getting your basics in place so that you can try variations and experiment and learn!

For complete details about tea time cake baking classes in Mumbai click here.

In our Cream Icing and Pastry workshop, you learn to make and use cream icing.  

All about Bread

Join us to learn to bake a variety of bread in our bread baking workshop.  Here you will learn 10 varieties of bread – right from scratch.  You can find more details in the bread baking workshop in Bangalore page.

You will learn the art of kneading the dough to perfection.  

    Cake Decorating Classes in Mumbai

    Here’s a two-day workshop – cake decorating classes in Mumbai that focuses on cake decoration.  

    Of course, you will bake great cakes, but if it’s not presented well – there won’t be takers.  So, as a part of this advanced cake decorating classes, you will learn to decorate your cake like a true artist.

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    A subset of Cake decorating classes in Mumbai is also Fondant Decoration.  Decorating your cakes is an art form.  And you will learn more about what we mean by that in our Fondant Decoration workshop.  This is also a two-day workshop.

      The complete description of the Fondant decoration workshop is available here.

      Learning to bake Eggless Whole Wheat Cookies, Eggless Gelatin-free Desserts,  and Tarts and Pies are guaranteed to make you starry-eyed.

      The best for the last…

      Chocolate Making Classes in Mumbai

      There’s something magical about chocolates.  You can’t resist it.  Your loved ones can’t either.  When you become an expert at chocolate making with our chocolate making classes in Mumbai – you are bound to win hearts!

      So come join us in Mumbai for a wholesome learning experience!

      Teatime Cakes with Egg

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Learn to create mouthwatering Tea Cakes (with egg) in a 1-day workshop.

      Believe it or not, you could make them all right at home with home ingredients and even use variants of wheat flour for a dash of wholesomeness. Ever peeped into a bakery shop and lusted for those delectable cakes and muffins? Sliced fruitcakes, neat Danish cakes, lip-smacking chocolate muffins, sinful brownies.

      Get going with me in my 4-hour 1-day workshop of Tea Cakes and delight your family and friends with:

      • Fruit Cakes
      • Marble Cakes/Danish Cakes
      • Lemon Coconut Drizzle Cake
      • Multigrain atta Cakes -Carrot Orange Cake
      • Multigrain atta Cake – Banana Walnut loaf cake
      • Choco-Walnut Brownie
      • Multigrain Apple Raisin Muffins
      • Red velvet Cupcake with Cream cheese frosting

      I make sure you get the basics right so you can make as many variants of tea cakes as you can imagine. Don’t let the lack of baking equipment stop you from pursuing your passion. In my class, you’ll learn to bake sumptuous cakes in OTG, convection microwave, and the good ol’ gas stove. All materials required for the class will be provided and you get to take away a recipe booklet of all you’ve learned.

      What’s more, you can also purchase baking equipment and materials at very reasonable prices from me. 


      Cream icing, Pastry Workshop

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      No icing without a cake, huh? For starters, you learn to bake an egg and eggless sponge cakes that you’ll work on for icing. I will then train you in the basics of icing and pastry that will help you create masterpieces that you’d never believe you could make.

      In the 4-hour workshop, you’ll learn to make and use cream icing. You will also learn to make chocolate truffle icing cakes and pastry. The class will include decoration techniques, the basic cake decorated with cream and chocolates as well as advanced piping bag designs. I will also show you how to make and apply glaze icing, chocolate decoration for pastries and more.

      You will also learn to make:

      1. Vanilla Sponge  Cake With Egg/Eggless

      2. Chocolate Sponge Cake  with Egg/Eggless

      3. Mango Litchi Gateaux

      4. Coffee Caramel Cake

      5. Dutch Truffle Cake

      6. Lemon Berry Cake

      7. Chocolate Glaze

      8. Chocolate Decorations

      9. Homemade Caramel Sauce                 

      Since you will learn to bake in OTG, convection microwave, and regular gas stoves, you can practice your baking and icing skills immediately. For the class, baking materials and equipment will be provided along with a recipe booklet. For your projects, you can purchase baking equipment and materials from me at very reasonable prices.


      All About Bread

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Pure bread can become tantalizing with the right tricks. Learn to make a range of bread in our Bread workshop.

      “The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight.” So says M.F.K. Fisher in The Art of Eating. And how true it is!

      Bread is the most commonly eaten yet understated foods. You could change your guests’ whole outlook on loaves of bread when they come to your house for dinner. In my 1-day 4-hour class on bread making, not only will you learn to make ten varieties of bread but also the art of kneading dough to perfection. Once you master this trick, you can play around with innumerable variations.

      In the Bread class, we will cover:

      • Atta Bread
      • Foccacia Bread
      • Dinner roll
      • Pav Buns
      • Cinnamon Roll
      • Italian Bread/Garlic Bread
      • Bread Chocolate Croissants
      • Sweet Bread
      • Chocolate Donuts
      • Pizza Base with toppings

      You will learn to bake bread in OTG and convection microwaves. Baking materials and equipment in the class will be provided along with a recipe booklet. If you like, you can also purchase baking equipment and materials from me at very reasonable prices.


      Cake Decoration Workshop

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Learn to bake and decorate cakes like a top class chef in my 2-day workshop on advanced cake decorations.

      Have you always wanted to bake cakes that looked way too good to eat? Well, here’s your chance to learn the technique of making cake decorations that could make you the star of every birthday party.

      Learn to make these designs hands-on:

      Day 1

      • American Butter Cream Icing
      • Piping bag technique (Rossetti, Shell, Grass, Leaf, Rose, Ruffles, Basket Weaves, Blossom, Borders designs
      • Unique Decoration Techniques
      • Chocolate Collar
      • Sharp edges in whipping cream
      • Cupcake Decoration
      • Spray Gun use

      Day 2

      • Coloring Technique using Piping Gel
      • Barbie Doll Cake
      • Photo Printing Cake
      • Final Decoration On individual  Cake  with perfect finishing
      • Ombre color mixing technique and piping skills

      Since this is an advanced level class, I will not take up basic icing or sponge cake making as that is a part of my other workshop. If you wish, you can register for that class before starting on advanced decorations. Or you can learn the advanced designs now and get to the basics of cake baking and icing later.

      The class includes materials required for the class along with a recipe booklet. I also stock baking equipment that you can purchase at reasonable prices.


      Fondant Decoration

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Fondant decoration is not just a way of baking cakes but is an art form of baking beautiful looking cakes that are delectable. Learn from the many tips and techniques that Deepali has mastered over the years.

      In this class, you will learn:

      Day 1

      • Homemade Fondant and Gum Paste
      • Fondant Colour Making: Black, Brown, Red
      • Border Design
      • Bead | Rope | Drapes | Ruffles | Frills
      • Accent with silicon molds
      • 2D Theme Cakes: Inlay/Outlay Techniques
      • Flower | Gum Paste Bow | shimmer
      • Sparkle | Hand modeling Animals
      • Tappit  Cutter | Two Tier Cake Stacking

      Day 2

      • Texturing the Fondant with different tools
      • Theme Decoration
      • Crumb Coating with perfection


      Whole wheat Cookies Workshop Eggless

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Cookies and Biscuits are an integral part of our tea time conversations along with a sip of tea. It is not only us, even the kids love it with a glass of milk!

      What better than to make them in the comfort of your own home and with the healthy ingredients too! It’s all about getting the basics right and with right tips and techniques, you will be able to bake any cookies under the sun!

      Come and join me in the 4 hr workshop where you will learn how to make following simple yet tasty cookies to delight your family and friends:


      • Whole wheat double chocolate chip cookies
      • Whole wheat Karachi fruit cookies
      • Whole wheat checkerboard cookies
      • Whole wheat Osmania biscuits
      • Whole wheat coconut melting moments
      • Whole wheat tea time masala crackers
      • Whole wheat cheese straws


      Eggless Desserts (Gelatin free)

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Don’t deprive yourself of desserts and puddings just because you don’t eat eggs. Learn to make eggless desserts that taste the same if not better.

      Some of my pure vegetarian friends ask me to make eggless desserts for them so they too can enjoy exotic sweets from around the globe. I figured that many of you must also want the same. And why not?

      Join my 1-day 4-hour workshop of Eggless Desserts to get trained in the fine art of dessert and pudding making. With a little guidance and the right technique, you will be able to make desserts that can beat the desserts available at any bakery. You’ll be surprised to realize that the desserts I  teach in my class aren’t difficult to prepare if you understand the basics.

      In the course, you’ll learn to make:

      • Layered Chocolate Mousse with Variations(Pista infusion/Mousse Cake arrangement)
      • Blueberry Cheese Cake
      • Tender Coconut Pudding
      • Caribbean Crepes
      • Rose petal Baked Yogurt
      • Baked Caramel Pudding
      • Pannacotta with mango coulis

      You will learn to bake desserts in OTG and convection microwave oven. The class is inclusive of baking materials and equipment along with a recipe booklet. You can also purchase baking equipment and materials from our in-house baking store.


      All About Chocolates

      Category: Chocolate Making Classes in Mumbai

      Dear Chocoholics,

      It’s time to bring out the chocolate mania and join us for an exciting and fun-filled chocolate making workshop.Here you will learn how to work with couverture chocolate and understand various molding and decoration techniques.Apart from turning any dessert into a stellar piece of art using this versatile ingredient, you will also be equipped with the knowledge of how to turn chocolate making into a lucrative business.After all its aptly said, “anything is good it’s made of chocolate”

      • Tempering Chocolates, Tempering cocoa butter
      • Chocolate coloring  with cocoa butter
      • Structure sheet garnish/Transfer sheet garnish
      • Center filling chocolate
      • Liquor cream chocolate
      • Chocolate truffles
      • Color mirror glaze / Dark Chocolate mirror glaze
      • Introduction to commercially available varieties of filling and raw material.
      • Pricing Chocolates


      Tarts and Pies with egg

      Category: Baking Workshops in Mumbai

      Baking is a culinary art that focuses on heat, quantity and time.

      It is an interaction between ingredients that results in fluffy soft pieces of baked goods, be it regular bread or cake.

      In my class, we will focus on the basics of preparing these preparations with utmost precision. We will learn how to achieve the perfect fluff and consistency in the dough as well as the finished product.

      Learn to create some mouth-watering scrumptious tarts and pies in this class dedicated to tarts and pies.

      In this course you will learn:

      • Fruit
      • Coconut
      • Rich Chocolate
      • Lemon Tarts
      • Apple
      • Banoffee Pie
      • Zucchini Caramelized Onion
      • Spinach Corn Quiche

      For the class, baking materials and equipment will be provided along with a recipe booklet.