Advanced Courses for upcoming Bakers
Duration: 4 hrs Each

Cake Decoration

Learn to bake and decorate cakes like a top class chef in my 2-day workshop on advanced cake decorations.

Have you always wanted to bake cakes that looked way too good to eat? Well, here's your chance to learn the technique of making cake decorations that could make you the star of every birthday party.

Learn to make these designs hands-on:

Day 1

  • American Butter Cream Icing
  • Piping bag technique (Rossetti, Shell, Grass, Leaf, Rose, Ruffles, Basket Weaves, Blossom, Borders designs
  • Unique Decoration Techniques
  • Chocolate Collar
  • Sharp edges in whipping cream
  • Cupcake Decoration 
  • Spray Gun use

Day 2

  • Coloring Technique using Piping Gel
  • Barbie Doll Cake
  • Photo Printing Cake
  • Final Decoration On individual  Cake  with perfect finishing
  • Ombre color mixing technique and piping skills

Since this is an advanced level class, I will not take up basic icing or sponge cake making as that is a part of my other workshop. If you wish, you can register for that class before starting on advanced decorations. Or you can learn the advanced designs now and get to the basics of cake baking and icing later. 

The class includes materials required for the class along with a recipe booklet. I also stock baking equipment that you can purchase at reasonable prices.

Fondant Decoration

Fondant decoration is not just a way of baking cakes but is an art form of baking beautiful looking cakes that are delectable. Learn from the many tips and techniques that Deepali has mastered over the years.

In this class, you will learn:

Day 1

  • Homemade Fondant and Gum Paste
  • Fondant Colour Making: Black, Brown, Red
  • Border Design
  • Bead | Rope | Drapes | Ruffles | Frills
  • Accent with silicon moulds
  • 2D Theme Cakes: Inlay/Outlay Techniques
  • Flower | Gum Paste Bow | shimmer
  • Sparkle | Hand modeling Animals 
  • Tappit  Cutter | Two Tier Cake Stacking

Day 2 

  • Texturing the Fondant with different tools
  • Theme Decoration
  • Crumb Coating with perfection