Culinary Course in Bangalore

Our institute Cook and Bake with Deepali is Authorized center of The world-renowned City & Guilds – Manipal City and Guilds, to provide short term Extensive Culinary Course in Bangalore.  On completion of this food preparation program, you will receive an Internationally Recognized Certificate. To ensure high-efficiency and effectiveness, we are restricting this one-of-a-kind food preparation program to only 8 students per batch. These classes will be completely hands-on, practical training with top-quality ingredients and equipments as well.

Who is this Certification Course for?

Well, this culinary course in Bangalore is for anyone who wants to set foot in the ever-demanding, highly challenging hotel industry. Or if you’re a wannabe restaraunteer who wants to own a cafe, then this Internationally recognized course is for you. This culinary certification course is also good for young students who want to explore the culinary field. Of course, anyone who has an open mind to learn, regardless of age, gender can also apply. Deepali Sawant is proud be to associated with the Authorized Center of Manipal City and Guilds to bring the Internationally recognized certification culinary course to you all in Bangalore.

When are we getting Started?

We are excited for you, the culinary course in Bangalore is now open and available for you to sign up.  Our first batch starts on April 25, 2018.  That’s right, the clock is ticking! Limited seats – only 6 of you can attend this batch, so hurry and apply Now! You can attend Free Demo of this course on 1st April 10 AM to 3PM

Culinary classes in Bangalore - Deepali Sawant - March 15, 2018

Certification Training in Culinary Course

Details of the Foundation Culinary Course

Registrations open for our culinary course in Bangalore.  First of its kind Deepali Sawant in association with City & Guilds.

It is a Foundation Course in Food Preparation with International Certification

Book your calendar:

  • 15th March’18 to 31st March’18
  • 5 to 6 hrs a day

Theory of Food Preparation-

  • Exam Preparation
  • Food and Kitchen safety, Introduction to different kitchen equipment and tools, Self-hygiene and safety
  • Food Contamination and Prevention,
  • Meat and Poultry Preparation-
  • Mise-en-Place concept and technique, Use of different knife and knife skills, Different cuts of vegetables
  • Storage and Care of all kitchen material in commercial
  • Field trip to Commercial equipment factory

Practical of Food Preparation

Breakfast Prep 1

1. Italian frittata with Mushroom, Goat cheese, and herbs
2. Buttermilk pancake
3. Greek style scrambled egg
4. Waffle with seasonal compote and caramelized seasonal fruits

Breakfast Prep 2

1. Grilled chicken Caesar wrap
2. Pesto chicken panini sandwich
3. Fajita chicken wrap
4. Bombay grilled veggie sandwich

Cold Prep

1. Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad
2. Greek couscous salad
3. Roasted veggies and Quinoa salad with grilled tofu
4. Mediterranean lentil salad, different dressing variation

Main Course

1.Chicken Stroganoff
2.Roasted Chicken with Pasta
3.Pan sear fish fillet with court bouillon with Herb butter rice4.
Lasagne with Bolognese sauce

Main Course

1. Creamy chicken gnocchi
2. Italian meatball parmesan
3. Garlic roasted pumpkin risotto


1. Chicken Burger with coleslaw
2. Smoked infused Pizza supreme
3. Grilled barbecued Fish fillet with Hollandaise sauce


1. Fish and chips
2. Falafel with pitta bread, Baba ganoush, hummus,


1. Chocolate Layered mouse
2. Churros with mascarpone cream sauce
3. Blueberry Cheesecake

This course is useful for any person looking for entry into the hotel industry, wanted to open their own café, for personal learning for their family, younger students looking out to explore the culinary field.

12+3 Days Theory, extensive food preparation program with international Certification.

Maximum 8 students.

Complete hands-on training with high-quality ingredients and equipment.

Commercial equipment and machine providers field trip give add-on experience to the course.

Are you ready to experience world-class right here in our culinary course in Bangalore in association with City & Guilds?  Hop-on for a fun-filled learning ride!


Certification Training in Culinary Course