1. Do You Have Weekend Or Weekday Classes?

We have both. The class schedule is displayed on the website at all times. If you register, you will receive emails with the class schedules for each month. You’ll have ample time to decide which one you want to register for. Please note that registration is mandatory.

2. What Is The Duration Of The Classes?

All classes are completed in 1 day. The duration can range from 3-7 hours depending on the complexity and scope of the class. For example, the Advanced Cake Decorations workshop is a 7-hour class while Tea Cakes is 4 hours.

3. How Do I Enroll In The Class?

To enroll, you must register by filling the form here. You must also pay the fee amount in advance to confirm registration. Accepted modes of payment are mentioned here. In case of cancellation, refer here.

4. How Do I Get Updates On Class Schedule?

If you are subscribed to www.deepalisawant.com, you will receive automatic updates on the class schedule. If you are not registered, you can do so here.

5. Can I Cancel My Registration For A Class?

You can cancel your registration for a full refund up to 24 hours before the class’ start time. For example, if the class is scheduled for Monday, 10 am, you can cancel by calling before Sunday, 10 am. All cancellation requests must come through the phone. Emails and SMS for the same will not be considered.

6. Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Class Registration?

A full refund is provided if the cancellation request is made 24 hours before the class starts. After that, no refund will be made

7. Are The Classes Hands-On Or Demonstrations?

The classes are demonstrations. But students get to try many steps themselves as I call them randomly. Since the class size is small, every student gets a chance to do something.

8. Do You Offer One-On-One Classes?


9. Do You Visit Other Apartments To Take Classes?

I may, depending on the location of the apartment and the availability of slots. Additionally, a group of 6 people or more must be available for the class.

10. Can I Decide The Day And Time For A Class?

If you have a minimum group size of 6, I can consider it, assuming the availability of the slot.

11. What Is The Strength Of The Class?

Every class has a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10. I believe in personalized attention.

12. What Is The Timing Of The Batches?

Please check the schedule

13. Do We Need To Carry Anything?

Only containers must be brought to take home samples of the preparation. All equipment and materials will be provided in class

14. Do You Offer Customized Menus?


15. Can I Walk-In For The Class?


16. Do You Hold Corporate Events?

I take classes and conduct shows in corporations if the infrastructure is made available. Advance notice is appreciated.

17. Do You Sell Equipment And Cooking/Baking Materials?

Yes. A range of cooking and baking materials and equipment is provided at lower than average market costs. Students can make purchases at the class venue.