Healthy cooking classes in Bangalore

 Come join us for fulfilling healthy cooking classes in Bangalore.

People in urban India, especially in this metro city are spending thousands of rupees on healthcare every year.  Unhealthy eating habits have led people to all kinds of diseases, and we know it.

In 2014, Times of India ran a story on how India’s eating habits have changed, but not the nutrition levels.

The quality of food you consume defines your wellness.  Healthy foods can be tasty too.  Knowing how to prepare healthy food that is also tasty would be valuable for you.

That’s what Deepali’s healthy cooking classes in Bangalore are all about.


Knowledge is Power! & Health is Wealth!

Our Know your Food session is 2-hour workshop in which we share the knowledge about healthy foods.

You will learn the power of vegan (vegetarian) food and it’s everything you will need to make that tiny lifestyle change to make your life healthier.

Join us for this session for a healthier life, serving includes: Foxtail Millet Biryani that is oil-free, Desserts, Chocolates without fat or sugar.

Zero Oil Cooking classes in Bangalore

Many think that oil-free food wouldn’t taste good.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  With our Zero-oil cooking classes right here in Bangalore is a place you’d want to learn oil-free food that tastes incredibly delicious.

Check the description below to get the entire list.

So, are you ready to learn to prepare and consume healthy food? If your answer is yes, then you’re very welcome to join our healthy cooking classes in Bangalore (Sarjapur Road) near Koramangala.

Zero Oil Cooking

Category: Healthy Cooking Classes


We launched our first session about oil-free cooking on 21st July 2016.
It’s been a year and a half and we are still gung-ho about it.
The menu is very interesting and unbelievably tasty. We will teach you many techniques like oil-free tadka and steam cooking.
We have included:
  1. Foxtail millet Biryani
  2. Sugar-free rice pudding,
  3. No oil chole
  4. Batata vada, onion pakoda oil free
  5. Almond milk smoothie,
  6. Lemongrass health drink,
  7. Healthy no sugar laddoo,
  8. Millet dosa/idli etc.

Tasting of all the above mention food and recipe booklets will be provided in the session.

You can check our schedule page. Registration for this session is mandatory with full advance payment.

10% discount offered to people attended Know your food session before.


Know Your Food Session

Category: Healthy Cooking Classes

Get to know the power of plant based food in order to eliminate medicines from your life.

Spend two hours with us for exploring simple lifestyle changes towards your diet for healthier life.

Serving our signature Foxtail Millet Biryani oil free, fat-free dessert sugar-free for tasting and not fat-free sugar-free Whole-wheat Chocolate cake.