Culinary Certification Course in Bangalore

Build a Career in the Hotel Industry or Start Your Own Cafe.


✅ International Certification from London’s City & Guilds

✅ Get hands-on experience from Day One

✅ Become a professional chef/cook within a short duration 

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About the Cooking Course

This Culinary Course gives you the head start you need to build your career in the hotel industry. This course is equally good if you plan to open your own cafe. It will provide the in-depth knowledge you’re looking for.

It’s short duration course. It’s completely hands-on. The batch size is only 6 so that you get individual attention. Bonus: You get to work at a real restaurant to gain experience.

You will love it! 

A-Z List


Here’s everything you will learn as a part of this Culinary Certification Training Course.

Food Safety

  • Food and Kitchen safety.

  • Introduction to different kitchen equipment and tools

  • Self-hygiene and safety

  • Miss-en-Place concept and technique

  • Use of different knife and knife skills

  • Food Contamination and Prevention

  • Storage and Care of all kitchen material in commercial kitchen

  • Varieties of Stocks and their uses

  • Soups Basics and Classification

  • Sauces and their Derivatives

  • Salads Construction

Cooking Techniques

  • Cooking Techniques- Roasting, Stir-frying,

  • Cooking Techniques- Grilling and Broiling

  • Cooking Techiniques-Poching,steaming

  • Cooking Techniques-Baking

  • Cooking Techniques- Deep frying

  • Cooking Techniques- Barbecues

More Awesomeness!

  • Handmade pastas varieties

  • Mediterranean Cuisine

  • Thai Cooking

  • Desserts

  • Mocktails

  • Field trip

  • Vendor communication

  • Recipe calculation

Your Seniors

City & Guilds, London Certification

On completion you will be Certified by the World-renowned City & Guilds, London and Manipal. Imagine how powerful your resume will be!


* The ‘Foundation Course in Food Preparation’ certification course gives an understanding what to expect from Chef in Kitchen.
* As a budding Chef one is shown what it means to be Chef with its rigorous yet enjoyable experience of Practical classes.
* The course’s pillar is certainly Chef Deepali, whose willingness to share her immense knowledge is very much appreciable.
* Given the time various cooking techniques and methods also was covered in the practical session.


“I heartly congratulate Deepali Sawant for her passion and dedication in her work. She is really a great inspiration to all those people who wish to achive something in their life. You are really doing great….. A very energetic lady with a great vision. And about her classes, they are worth attending. She has a great passion to cook and at the same time to teach also. We always love to attend your classes. All the very best Deepali. Keep rocking..”

Kalpashree Thanmay

“Deepali is the best teacher that I can say. I attended her more then 15 classes.all classes is perfect with her tips and suggestions. I love the way she is supporting her students after the classes.Thanks deepali for being my teacher.god bless u….if thinking to take classes from deepali just go for it , after class u will be more than happ

Neelam Bisht

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